The most reliable & flexible shuttle machines available. MODERN shuttle machines are equipped with state of the art,  versital machine and oven control packages. All MODERN machines come standard with the pre-canned thermoforming techniques, along with the ability for clients to customize the sequence to their specific process.


  • All Machines have aluminum extrusion perimeter guarding with mesh inserts for superior viewing and visibility.
  • Load/unload areas guarded with light curtains.
  • All gates and access panels are interlocked with lock-out tag-out gate switches.
  • E-stops located at various positions on the machine.
  • Warning and safety signs (Bilingual upon request).
  • ANSI standard colors (orange, red, yellow) used where applicable.
  • Main disconnect & Air inlet are lock-out tag-out ready.



  • Tool Clamps
  • Tool Locking systems
  • Mold Exchange
  • Multiple Oven Zoning arrays
  • Temperature controlled ovens (PID)
  • Laser sheet Sag detect
  • Oven Elements Ceramic, Quartz canister, halogen, or Panel heaters
  • Oven Fire Protection oven fire door, oven blanket, air jet
  • Motorized or hand crank oven Adjust.
  • Tracking oven or oven drive out
  • IR sensor array, camera, and scanners.
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Mold Temperature controllers
  • Servo positioning vacuum and air valves
  • Clamp frames pin-bar, MODERN 5800 series, MODERN 4-way adjustable, articulating, multizoned, and motorized
  • Machine extensions and lift/load table
  • Platforms
  • Ladders and catwalks
  • Automatic sheet loading
  • Automatic Sheet feeder and cutter.
  • International voltages available
  • Spare Parts
  • Installation
  • Start-up & Training
  • Shipping
  • Turnkey Solutions

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