Heavy duty roll cutting machines built for precise part to part cutting tolerances. Modern roll cutters are designed to blank nearly any rolled-goods material including plastic, carpet, and cover-stock materials. We offer both horizontal and vertical, dual-roll stands equipped with Tidland pneumatic brakes for tensioning the roll. An active roll is used by the machine, and one staged roll is positioned for start-up when the active roll is depleted.

An electrically powered nip station pulls the sheet from the roll where it goes through a loop and into a clamp bar. The clamp bar pays-out the material to an adjustable length, controlled with encoder feedback. Electrically powered cutters then blank the sheet from the roll, and position the blank on top of a scissor lift table, or transfer cart.


  • All mechanical motions are guarded with either hard/ fixed guards, or safety scanners
  • An emergency stop pull-string de-energizes the nip feed rolls
  • Safety scanners are positioned and programmed to guard the interior area of the payout frame
  • E-stops mounted on all corners of the machine
  • Bilingual warning and safety signs as needed
  • ANSI standard colors are utilized
  • Main electrical disconnect and air inlet are lock-out tag-out ready



  • Integration into larger machine system
  • Machine sized to your maximum sheet width and length
  • Horizontal or vertical roll stand
  • Electric hoist for loading rolls
  • Varying diameters of roll shafts and mandrels
  • Motorized payout system
  • Electric scissor lift table for stacking the blanked sheets
  • Transfer carts for handling the stack of sheets
  • Cart alignment details
  • Blade types
  • Circular shear, powered disc cutter, rod-less cylinder v-blade, etc.

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