Hospitals, schools, coffee shops, take-out restaurants - these are just a few of the businesses that use thermoformed plastic packaging for their every day needs. All types of businesses and items require a variety of options. Plastic cups of various sizes. Thermoformed lids to fit all sizes. Lids of all types. Thermoforming can do it all. From the sectioned lunch trays, soup cups with lids, hinged salad containers, small cups with lids for salad dressings, to colorful picnic plates and plastic cups, your business will find what you need with the technology of thermoformed plastic packaging.

The global market for thermoformed plastic products was 6.8 billion pounds in 2011, and consumption is expected to increase from 7.0 billion pounds in 2012 to 8.5 billion pounds by 2017, a 4.0% compound annual growth rate. (Source)

Quality, safety, useability, and design are essential in the thermoformed packaging industry. With a thermoforming machine from MODERN, your company can produce all of these types of packaging and more.