2012-10-03 13.19.20Modern Machinery is a state of the art manufacturer of custom thermoforming machinery, equipment, & controls. At Modern Machinery, we want to give you, every advantage for your business. When you contact us, you will be connected directly with whom you need to speak. Our entire staff is here to support you. Direct contact provides you with the service that you need, to get the job done as quickly as possible.

At Modern Machinery, our thermoforming machines are created from listening to our customers needs. There is no standard catalog of complete machines. We listen to you and then we go to work on the design of your machine, relying heavily on our superior engineering. At MODERN, we use the highest quality parts and put more steel into our machines making them built to last. The machine that you purchase from Modern Machinery will be the best quality, and will last for decades.

Direct Contact - Low Overhead - Custom Machines - Top Quality Engineering - Built to Last - Trust the MODERNAdvantage.

It's a MODERN!